ClifRock’s engineered stone panel system and simplified installation method has surpassed all traditional methods for outdoor living construction. Their fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material and 3-step installation process makes constructing outdoor living spaces quick and affordable.

We are capable of building custom backyard waterfalls, grottos, outdoor kitchens, fire features, seating walls and so much more! ClifFrock’s panel system makes it possible for Bay Way Backyards to create custom outdoor living spaces for almost any homeowner. Traditional methods come with a significant amount of limitations, obstacles, high costs, and substantial property disruption post project.



Nationwide, homeowners are choosing ClifRock products over other traditional methods. They have designed and developed a method that makes outdoor living simple for installers and affordable for homeowners, without compromising the durability and the natural aesthetics of real stone. Now homeowners can expect to see their new custom outdoor living space come to life in just a few days or less whereas traditional methods can take up to weeks and sometimes even months.

Their products eliminate the need for a footing or support structure which expands the options on where we can place your outdoor living space. Their products are more affordable and quicker than traditional methods and the engineered stone is just as strong and resistant as real stone.

Product Features

  • Can be built over any hard surface
  • Long term weather resistance & durability
  • Fast construction time
  • Affordable
  • Can be customized
  • Real stone aesthetics


  • ✔ No footing needed, leveled to surface pitch
  • ✔ Engineered for the outdoors
  • ✔ 1-2 days
  • ✔ Fraction of the cost of natural stone
  • ✔ Ability to customize any backyard feature
  • ✔ Precast with real stone panel imprints

Traditional Methods

  • ✖ Footing and level surface required
  • ✖ Veneer stone detach overtime
  • ✖ 1-2 weeks
  • ✖ Very expensive materials and labor
  • ✖ Very limited options
  • ✔ Manufactured or natural stone veneer


Over the last several years, ClifRock’s boulder panel construction system has changed the way pool owners and property owners build water features. Their boulder panel system makes installing boulder water features fast, simple, and affordable compared to traditional methods. Traditional methods prevent many homeowners from being able to have a boulder or rock environment in their outdoor living space. Building a boulder or rock environment with traditional methods and materials takes an extreme skill level that is hard to find, very expensive, damaging to the yard, and offers very limited design options. Their boulder panel system has now made it possible for almost any homeowner to have resort-style features right in their own backyard. We install our boulder and rock features in just a few days or less without the need of any heavy equipment or footing, saving you time and money.

The engineered material is also lighter weight, preventing your boulders from shifting or dislocating overtime. And, the lighter weight material makes it possible for almost all pool owners to add a pool grotto, waterslide, or waterfall onto their swimming pool which is extremely difficult and damaging to the pool’s structure with traditional methods and materials. We also offer endless customization options from the shapes to the sizes, colors, and texture of your boulders or rocks.

Product Features

  • Stable in the outdoors
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast installation
  • Custom design
  • Real stone aesthetics


  • ✔ Our boulders are resistant to harsh weathering and will never shift
  • ✔ No heavy equipment, no footing needed, and fast installation process
  • ✔ Installed in a few days with our 3-step installation process
  • ✔ Customize the shapes, sizes, colors, and layout of your boulder or rock environment
  • ✔ Precast with real stone, ledges, and cliff panel imprints

Traditional Methods

  • ✖ Natural stones can shift and sink into the ground, which damages the boulder feature
  • ✖ Natural stone is expensive, requires heavy equipment, and takes weeks of labor
  • ✖ Can take up to weeks or even months
  • ✖ Very limited on design options
  • ✔ Manufactured or natural stone veneer



Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Gather ideas, get inspiration and start designing your own dream outdoor living space. Be creative with your own backyard design ideas or draw from some of our previous projects while continuing to consider project size, complexity, and budget.

Our outdoor living specialists can also provide ideas or serve as a sounding board for yours.


Planning Your Outdoor Living Space

Once you have a design for your perfect outdoor living space you need to begin planning some of the details to support this plan; budget, yard size – space available, access, retaining walls, fill dirt, flat work, etc.

Furthermore, the size, shape, slope, existing trees, and a variety of other details will affect planning for your new outdoor living space.


Our Team Hard At Work

Bay Way Backyards, your Tampa Bay area authorized ClifRock Installer, will provide installation services for your new outdoor living space as designed and planned. No hidden costs. We will provide high-quality workmanship and technical installation services.

We will be in your yard only a few days rather than several weeks. Let us do the heavy work!


You Deserve It

Kick back, relax, and enjoy your new backyard. Whether it’s outdoor cooking, enjoying an evening around the fire, frolicking in the pool, or just enjoying the sounds and beauty of your outdoor waterfall, you will be spending many more hours and weekends al fresco and more quality time with your family as well as entertaining friends and neighbors.

Your new outdoor living space will afford you and your family many years of luxury and enjoyment.